Many elements of my actual work are already present in this project in which 'Pitte' situates himself in the history of Western European painting and draws attention to his experiences of early childhood concerning art.

As a child I was very much interested in books, especially in books about art which I borrowed from the public library. I was much impressed by the fact that these precieus objects were noted on my library card under the name of ART.

The fact that in order to borrow these books I had to pay more money than for the other books in the library, still made books about art more valuable.

Very quickly I also understood that every picture in the book told its own story, even if the language was purely pictural.

In the series 'Pitte schrijft zich in' ('Pitte enters his name' on the list of readers of the library) I have tried to assemble these experiences as a child with the paintings of these well known artists as I know them now.

I made twenty dummy books and on the cover of each of which I put a different copy of some of their famous works.

Then I added a number of photographs showing myself in early childhood by introducing them in the copied picture on the covers.

Each book has its own title and at the back side a short summary of the contents is mentioned.

The project is conceived as a series of children's books exposed in pinny wooden boxes.

Just like I entered the reality of the painting when I was a child and got lost in its story, I now am trying to find back the real story of my childhood.

eric vande Pitte